Our Pinless Pins are the next generation of pins. You no longer have to worry about ruining another scarf or, constantly getting pricked! Our Pinless Pins are as sturdy as your traditional pin but without any of the trouble. Instead of a pointy tip, our Pinless Pins have flat smooth edges, that provide a sturdy hold using the power of magnets! They are so easy and fun to use, yet effortlessly add glitz and glamour to your everyday hijab or as an embellishment to any outfit. Our Pinless Pins work for every fashionista! Once you've tried our pins, we promise you will be pinned.

Kanzi Candi Collection

  • The Kanzi Candi collection is so fun!  These pins are the perfect accessories for this spring and summer.  They have angled edges, that give them a gem-like look.  They make for great eye candy!

    • Pink Bubblegum: Our Pink Bubblegum pin is a yummy bold pink color
    • Sour Apple: Our Sour Apple pin is a light green color
    • Lemon Pop: Our Lemon Pop pin is a dark yellow color
    • Sugar Rush: Our Sugar Rush pin is a sweet coral color
    • Blue Berry: Our Blue Berry pin is a rich dark blue color

    These pins are approximately 10ml/1cm in diameter

    Each pin sold separately

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns at this time, but we are committed to make sure you love your purchase, and will work with you if there are any issues/problems. 

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