Our Vinyl Decals are a perfect addition for anyone looking to decorate their home for the Islamic holidays with ultra sleek and modern designs. These decals are super easy to put on any wall, or any smooth, flat surface (you can get creative), instantly making it the center of attention and a conversation starter. They are also easily removable and leave no marks behind.  In just a few minutes, your home can be all festive and ready for the holidays! These decals also make for great gifts!

Ramadan Mubarak Arabic Calligraphy Decal

SKU: 400
  • The Ramadan Mubarak Arabic Calligraphy decal is the perfect balance between east and west.  You get the beautiful softness of the cursive in Arabic calligraphy mixed with just the right amount of structure for a modern touch.  It measures approximately 23 x 11 inches and looks great as a stand alone statement piece, or mixed with other holiday decor. It comes in either gold, black, or white. 

    *For indoor use only


  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns at this time, but we are committed to make sure you love your purchase, and will work with you if there are any issues/problems. 

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